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We hear all sorts of questions about our daycare programs.
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Westpark recognizes that all children have specific needs and different schedules. As children are incorporated into the Westpark family, all necessary and reasonable measures will be taken to ensure a smooth and pleasant transition experience for the children and for the parents. Westpark will setup three free transition days prior to your commencement in the classroom where you and your child will come in together and learn more about the routines of the classroom, while we learn about your child and you.

Each classroom is allotted at least 2 hours of outdoor play per day. We have oversized outdoor playgrounds which are separated into different sections by age group. Each playground is equipped with a different variety of interactive equipment to promote physical activity and gross motor development.

Toddler ratios are 1:5 max capacity 15 children per room, Preschooler ratios are 1:8 max capacity 16 children per room.

Toddler classrooms are led by a minimum one teacher with a degree in Early Childhood Education and two teacher assistants. In preschool and kindergarten classrooms of 16 children, one teacher holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and there is one teacher assistant. All staff members and volunteers are required to have Level C First-Aid & CPR, criminal reference checks and completed health assessments. Westpark believes that children deserve to be surrounded by knowledgeable and qualified educators. Adults, like children, deserve to have the opportunities to further their knowledge and expand on their career aspirations. Westpark promotes and supports each staff’s professional development.

Upon your registration there is a $250.00 registration fee for the first child and $75.00 for each additional child. The registration fee is a one-time nonrefundable fee to reserve your child’s spot within a classroom. Parents have option to pay through pre-authorized payments, minimum 6 postdated cheques or cash. Payments can be made either biweekly or monthly. Returned cheques will be charged a $25 fee per cheque. In case of two missed billing cycle, your child will not be permitted to attend until the dues are paid.

We offer a sibling discount of 10% for two or more children.

Westpark requires a written 30 day notice if you are choosing to withdraw your child from our program.

Yes, we do provide part-time care; 2 days, 3 days or 4 days. We try our best to accommodate days the parents would prefer but part-time care is depended on our enrollment. We recommend parents to pick consistent consecutive days, to make the transition easier on the child(ren).

We are only closed on Statutory holidays. Parents are required to pay for statutory holidays and they cannot use vacation days to offset stat holidays. Please refer to events and holidays section for list of Stat Holidays.

Depending on the allergy, we will try to accommodate all children. We do offer vegetarian and halal meal options.

We will only administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. We will not accept any over the counter medication. Prescriptions must be in the child name, parents will be required to complete a medication form.

If a child has a fever, the child must be kept home. If a fever develops while in our care, parents will be notified and they must pick up their child immediately. If a child has pinkeye, they must be kept home for 48hr after drops are being administered. If a child has diarrhea they must be kept home. If a child has diarrhea in our care parents will be notified immediately, educators will monitor the child, and may request for your child to be picked up. We will use of discretion to determine if we feel a child is not well to participate in our program. All children that are not well will be separated from the rest of the children and cared for by the management.

We recommend bringing a packet of diapers/pull-ups, diaper rash creams, sunscreen, blanket, extra clothes and appropriate clothing depending on the season.